Push Days (Monday & Tues): Strength & conditioning to target front body muscle groups such as shoulders, chest, abs and quads. 
Pull Days (Wednesday & Thursday): Strength & conditioning to target rear body muscle groups such as upper back, lower back, hamstrings and calves. 
Whim Days (Friday & Saturday):  Obstacle course workouts for cardio conditioning & mobility.

Each Member Has Access To A Push Day, Pull Day, & Whim Day each week. This leads to a complete program & incredible results!

BAREfit coaches are always busy creating totally unique, action-packed workouts for our members. All workouts are high-intensity, station-based, and filled with creative, natural movement challenges. Whether it's a Personal Training or Small Group, you will have fun working toward your goals.

We end our pack workouts with our FLOW; a series of movements that we build on throughout the week. These movements are meant to help with flexibility, balance and functionality. 

We also offer an AFTERBURN workout for members who want to incinerate even more calories after a session! These are a series of boot camp style, functional exercises we switch up 2x per week. Including the AFTERBURN in your workout will extend it from our typical 45 minute sessions to a full hour. BAREfit members also have access to our Weekly Recovery videos, which help warm up and cool down muscles and are specified towards Push and Pull days each week. 

In September 2016, we launched the first of our four annual Adventure Ready series. The focus was on rock climbing. Over eight weeks we incorporated eight new skills (one a week) in our pack workouts. These skills focused on improving a rock climbing/bouldering workout and included the techniques grip strength, balance, shoulder stability, hip mobility, core strength, upper back strength, power, hand coordination. 

In December 2016 we launched our second Adventure Ready series with an emphasis on running. The series ran through the end of January. We have since had two more series in March/April (paddle boarding) and June/July (cycling). As part of our series we not only incorporate new skills but we also provide special event workouts that tie in directly with our themes and provide content for our members to help immerse them in each adventure sport.