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David Abell Testimonial

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For me, the monotony of working out in a typical gym would often result in abbreviated stints, and I found that as I entered a new decade of my life, I wanted to redefine what fitness meant for me. I joined BAREfit in the fall of 2016 after checking out the gym while walking my dog, Boone. I had recently started working from a co-work space a block away, on Shelby St. called The Park, and was excited to discover a gym right around the corner. BAREfit's affordability, emphasis on mobility, and structure of the workouts are what immediately appealed to me.


The first year of my BAREfit membership I was a part of the morning crew, working out at 6:30 AM a few days a week. What I immediately found out is that it takes the body a little longer to warm up that early in the morning, but the camaraderie of the other BAREfitters makes it easier. The community was not an aspect of BAREfit that I anticipated, but it has been a huge part of why I come back every week. You create a special bond when your BAREfit coach is asking you to do whacky jacks while dressed in 80s fashion at a 6:30 am themed work out!! 


Speaking of coaches, the BAREfit coaches are a group of committed and talented individuals, who bring it week in week out to make every workout different and fun. Each coach brings their own unique style and I have enjoyed being able to get to know all of them. Susie's positive vibes and solid playlists always make the workouts enjoyable; Anthony provides robust knowledge on how to be sure and have the best form possible; Erin is always inspiring me to push a little harder and faster; and of course Captain Curtis is the ultimate movement guru, who designs the most fun and challenging workouts--and who my wife swears sounds just like Seth Rogen. Each coaches unique interpretation of the week's workouts ensure variety and new challenges.


Of course I should mention my fitness. While there is much progress to be made, I have never been as strong, mobile, or happy with where I am at with my fitness. One thing that has become very important to me is being able to get down and play with my 1-year old son, and BAREfit's emphasis on mobility has been a huge benefit here. I look forward to continuing my fitness journey at BAREfit. 

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Shannon O'Daniel Testimonial


I have been a member since the Spring of 2015. I started coming to Barefit right after college, not sure what I was getting myself into. One of my friends was running in Shelby Park one day and saw the sign “Make the world your playground.” The next day we talked to Rob and were signing contracts! It has been an adventure ever since. I am a pretty consistent runner and was looking for a gym I could lift at. To date I have ran 4 half marathons, 1 full marathon, and a slew of 10k’s in between. Barefit has helped with my endurance for running which is incredibly important for those long runs.   I am in the best shape I have ever been in thanks to Barefit, and have a more steady health regiment. My favorite thing about Barefit is the people, vibe, and energy. Of course the exercises the Barefit team come up with essentially get us the muscle gains, but the people make the gym. It gives you a sense of home when you see familiar faces at each workout. I cherish each day at Barefit and would encourage any and all to be a part of something this amazing!


July 29 - Stand Up Paddling Event

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Sunday July 29, 12-3PM, Taylorsville Lake - 1320 Park Road, Taylorsville, Kentucky 40071

We’ve teamed with Endless Summer Paddle Company again this summer, and we've put together an incredible event for July 29. Join us for a beautiful afternoon that will include 30 mins of warmup yoga, 60 mins of guided standup-paddle boarding, and 60 mins of Adventure MVMT led by Capt. Curtis. The workout will cover a lot of distance, and include some trail running. The paddle boards and life jackets will be provided.

This is a beginner-friendly event, so feel free to join us even if you have no SUP experience. Tickets are $20, and we have only 20 spots, so go ahead and book your spot!

12- arrive, meet at shore, get situated
12:30- yoga
1- group 1 - paddle | group 2 - adventure mvmt
2- group 2 - paddle | group 1 - adventure mvmt
3- Peace out

Get your tickets today!

Types of Paddling

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We are halfway through our Adventure Ready series on paddling and we wanted to share some of the sports that you can participate in with the skills we are teaching. 

There are four main sports that come to mind when we talk about paddling: Canoeing, kayaking, rafting (white water or river) and standup paddleboarding (SUP). 

These articles goes into detail about each sport and what sets them apart.