The BARE Essentials

Note: This is actually a repost of an earlier blog article from our old website

The BARE Essentials:

What you need to get the most out of your BAREfit WORKouts

Gloves: Due to the nature of our Heavy Crap and WORKout methods, a pair of thin, breathable and pliable, yet durable gloves (I’m a fan of Mechanix style or mountain biking gloves). Unless, of course, your the type that considers developing callouses an added perk. 

Mobile Weather Appropriate Clothes: Above all else, you want your work out attire to be confortable and non-restrictive.  Any given day all or part of our workout could be outside as long as its not monsooning or 50 below, so bring/wear layers (ex. tank top>light weight pullover>jacket).  The chances are also that that you may end up similar to our heavy crap by the end of the workout…not exactly spick and span.  With that said, your new $60 white high tech running top, as awesome as it is, may not be the best attire decision.

Don’t Forget to Pre-Game: Your body tends to kinda freak out when you exercise with a lack of calories in your system.  Everyone is different but as a general rule of thumb, if its been more than a couple hours since you ate, taking in a quick healthy light snack like a piece of fruit right before you exercise is a solid idea.  Dialing this aspect in might take a little help, but hey, that’s why you pay us the big bucks ;)

Shoes: Less is more. Consider switching to a lighter weight, more minimalist or at least neutral shoe.  These will go a long way to increasing stability, balance, proper body alignment and muscle development in the foot and lower leg.  Don’t’ worry, this doesn’t mean you have to go buy a pair of those goofy toe shoes.  Feel free to talk to your trainer about the best footwear, if any, for you to work out in.

The Nectar of Life: Always bring and drink ample water, need I say more?

Post WORKout Aminos: To help your body get the most out of the WORKout to just completed, you should take in some high quality protein within 45 minutes of finishing.  The easiest way to do this is a protein shake/powder.  We can point you to some really good options.    

Bring a Friend: You like your friends? Well so do we!  Bring them because soreness loves company and “The more the merrier” is never a truer statement than when applied to us.  If they join us for the long term, you’ll get some cool swag to boot. So win, win, win.

Like our Page on Facebook: OK, I know your probably too hip for stalkerbook by this point but at least until our epic multi million dollar website and mobile app is finished... “Like”ing our Page ( and joining our Group ( are the best ways to be one of the cool kids and stay in the loop when it comes to our events and the latest in Pack WORKout locations and updates.  Bonus points for checking in ;)