2nd Edition: Cure for the Common Workout Playlist

'Cause you can only listen to "We Will Rock You" so many times...

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the music that's inspiring us to kick ass in the gym, on the trail or wherever adventure may lead.

Each playlist is about 60 minutes long, includes a warm up and cool down song and contains BAREfit's signature off-center mix of garage rock, blues, underground/oldschool hip-hop, rowdy folk and whatever else motivates us to run longer, ride faster or climb higher.

Consider this the perfect companion to your next #outboundchallenge, trail run, or just some good ol' morning motivation.

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Stay tuned next week for a whole new batch of awesome.

Got a song you wanna see on the playlist? Suggest it in the comments and we just might be so inclined to add it!