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Sarah Reddick Testimonial

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I'm an attorney at Fultz Maddox Dickens in downtown Louisville. These are my views, not the views of my firm.

I joined BAREfit in January 2016. I was looking for a place to help me reach my New Years Resolution: do a pull-up.  With only 3 sessions a week, I easily met that goal in April 2016.  Since then, I haven't stopped meeting new goals like flipping the 285 pound tire (last fall) or running a marathon (my 2017 Resolution).

More than meeting individual goals, though, it's fun to be a part of a strong community. The members are supportive, and the coaches are challenging. Every single class is fun and different, and I still look forward to coming to class.

My favorite thing about BAREfit is that it's a great place for women.   A macho attitude and mansplaining don't fly here.  Instead, strong women and men push each other in a team atmosphere.  It's awesome to see strong women load the barbells with a lot of weight and rock out some squats.  And, if you've never lifted before (like me), the coaches teach you how to do it safely so that you learn to love it too.

As far as results go, I'm about the same weight as when I began, but I'm stronger all over and an altogether different shape.  My husband, who is also a member, and I banter about who can deadlift more (him) or do more pistol squats (me).  We prioritize fitness and fun through our membership. It's made our marriage stronger and made us better parents. I'm also mentally stronger. Trying new things, even if it's a different way to climb the monkey bars, gives me more confidence in other areas of my life, including my work. And there's nothing like swinging a sledgehammer onto a tire after a long day. 

Overall, walking in to Barefit was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I only wish I'd done it sooner.

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