Baking Without Butter

Believe it or not, it is super easy to bake without butter. I know the thought of giving up that delicious gold seems impossible to do but there are many tasty alternatives worth trying. 

Coconut oil and olive oil are very popular butter alternatives. They each have their own distinct flavors but I find they really enhance the final product. I prefer to use them in place of butter in most everything that I bake. 

Avocados, applesauce and bananas are some healthier butter substitutions that I love to use. Ripe bananas and applesauce already have a natural sweetness so when I bake with these items I use less sugar/stevia/honey/whatever. 

Some of my favorite uses for these products are coconut oil and bananas in brownies, applesauce in chocolate chip cookies and avocados in cupcakes. 

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