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Psoas/ Pirformis/ Hip Alignment

Pirformis muscle.jpg

Another Adventure Ready running skill that we address in our workouts pertains to the psoas and pirformis muscles. Both muscles are important to running so we want to make sure that we equip you to properly care for them. In our pack workouts we work on different exercises that you can incorporate at home to keep these muscles in top shape. Learn more about the muscles below and see some easy exercises that you can do at home. 

"The psoas is a deep muscle of the core and hip flexors. It connects the lumbar region of your back to the front of your leg. When you run, this muscle is the initiator of the movement and can be responsible for your stride, whether good or bad. It can also lead to knee pain, back pain and hip flexor shortening, depending on whether it is weak or tight. All of these can deter your running abilities." (

"The piriformis is a small stabilizing muscle that lies deep within the buttocks and plays a critical role in the running motion. It helps to externally rotate the hip, stabilize the pelvis, and keep the hips level while running. When the piriformis is too tight or it spasms from overuse, it can impinge on the sciatic nerve, which passes through the buttocks. The resulting discomfort can stay localized to the glutes or radiate down the leg or up into the lower back." (

1. Psoas Exercises for Running

2. Prevent Pirformis Syndrome

3. Stretch and Strengthen the Psoas

4. Beat Pirformis Syndrome