Danielle Scholtens Testimonial


I've been coming to BAREfit for about 2 years. I started coming because after years of doing various videos for strength training I wanted to change what I was doing. I'd seen Curtis and Janae around (Curtis was usually wearing a BAREfit shirt) and asked them about it.  

The results that I've had since coming to BAREfit include increased strength and agility for sure. I would also say my overall confidence to try new things and having a general "yeah I can do that probably" or "hey I'll try that" in my other outdoor adventuring and daily life activities has definitely increased based on knowing what I can do at BAREfit. Coupled with a dietary change I've lost quite a bit of weight training at BAREfit. (30 lbs so far). 

I don't know if I can pick just one favorite thing because there are so many things that I love about it! One of my favorite things about BAREfit is the environment there. I really appreciate that no matter what someone's fitness level is they're always treated with the same welcoming attitude; there's no pretension for funky gym attitude there. You can always ask a question without judgement and because of the intentional smallness of the class size, you get the double whammy benefits of a fun class environment plus the benefit of having a personal trainer right there all the time.

 I always appreciate that even after 2 years I'm consistently sore after a workout. It's never boring! The workouts are always varied to create a really great workout year after year. I love that the classes are thoughtfully creative in order to benefit functionality in your regular life. 

It's my happy place!