May 2017 Reset: Get Lean Meal Plan #1

Tracking: If you're tracking calories and macros for body fat % loss, start with 10x your body weight on caloric intake. Example would be a man who weighs 200lbs starts with 2,000 calories. For macros, try 20% protein, 25% fat, 55% carbohydrates. Remember we are recommending complex, low GI carbs. And remember that carbs are energy you'll need for your active, adventure lifestyle.

But Remember: If you're eating real food, you don't have to track this stuff as closely as "the standard American dieter." i.e. someone trying to find ways to lose weight while still eating processed crap. Even if it's a protein bar or something that claims to be healthy, if it's got 27 ingredients + added sugar, it's crap. If you stir clear of that stuff, and eat real food, you won't need to pay as much attention to the stats.

Real Food Meal Plan #1

Meal 1

2 scoops Garden Of Life Raw Organic Meal
10 oz reverse osmosis filtered water
1 handful of organic blueberries
1/2 avocado

Meal 2

Handful of organic almonds or walnuts
1 Organic Apple

Meal 3

Handful of organic spinach
Handful of organic grape tomatoes
3-5oz organic tofu or chicken breast

Meal 4

1 big tablespoon of almond butter
1 organic banana

Meal 5

1 serving quinoa
1 bunch grilled asparagus
1 handful steamed broccoli or carrots

Meal 6

2 scoops Garden Of Life Greens & Protein
10oz reverse osmosis filtered water
1 scoop of almond butter

Drink plenty of water throughout day. Herbal Chamomile or Valerian tea helps at bedtime. 

Remember to reach out to us by emailing and asking for a nutrition consultation as needed. Make this next 3 weeks count.