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Duffy Baker Testimonial

I have been with Barefit just over a year. Before I joined BAREfit I was working out at Bellarmine University (where I go to school) and Planet Fitness. Even with the two different gyms, I felt that I wasn’t getting the workout I needed and I definitely wasn’t getting the results I wanted. While I was at Planet Fitness, my girlfriend and BAREfit member, Paige McWilliams, was coming to BAREfit and invited me to come and try out a class. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After that very class I signed up for a membership and canceled my Plant Fitness membership. I realized that I was getting a better workout in the 45 minutes I was at BAREfit than the 2 hours I would spend at my other gyms.

By taking advantage of the unlimited classes and the different programs BAREfit offers like the 21 Day Challenge, I have seen monumental success. I came into BAREfit at 245 pounds coming off of shoulder surgery that both physically and mentally held me back. With the great help of the coaches and fellow BAREfitters, I am now 189 pounds, I have no pain in my shoulder, I have been a Pescatarian for over a year, I come to BAREfit 5 days a week always wanting more and I have never been so comfortable in my body. BAREfit has truly changed my life both from a physical standpoint but also in making much more health conscious and getting me away from my computer and outside for things like hiking. I could not be happier with my decision to join BAREfit.