Josh Judah Testimonial

I have been at Barefit for almost 2 years. I was looking for a short, fun workout that enhanced strength and cardio conditioning after having lost weight doing exercise videos. I learned about Barefit and that it was close to work so I checked it out. I was hooked after the first class. I found the classes fun and the workouts were exactly what I was looking for-creative and difficult! I also loved the energy in the space and the great attitides everyone brought with them. 

Over the past couple of years I have gotten to be stronger than I have ever been. I am literally amazed on Whim Days at what I can accomplish. I am also more flexible and in better cardiovascular shape than at any point in my life. I think the emphasis on functional movement and moving heavy things has really worked for me and I now have "go muscle" instead of "show muscle". And I can keep up with guys in the classes who are almost 20 years younger than me!