Water and Your Skin

Image from: http://lalamer.com/benefits-drinking-water-skin/

Image from: http://lalamer.com/benefits-drinking-water-skin/

One thing that is often discussed around drinking water and hydration is the affect it has on skin. Many people often note that they experience clearer younger looking skin when they stay fully hydrated. Why is this? What is it about water that makes such a difference? 

We are encouraging all of our members participating in the 21 day water challenge to take a before and after photograph to compare how their skin changed by upping their water intake and keeping their body well hydrated. 

Some people say it's just anecdotal. That some people who drink plenty of water experience clearer skin, less acne, etc.  Many people notice how their wrinkles decrease and their skin feels tighter and firmer. While others experience no difference whatsoever.

This article explains how your skin is an organ made up cells and cells need water. Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is beneficial for your skin. You may not see results overnight but as you continue to keep your body hydrated you will probably see some change. What that change is? It differs person to person as each person has different skin. 

Whatever your thoughts on this, drinking water and staying fully hydrated is important for your body and definitely can't hurt your skin!