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Subbing out sugar in baking


I love to try new things when I'm baking to make the items more healthy.  I'm often tweaking recipes to try and find ways to sweeten without sugar.  Stevia, honey and maple syrup are pretty common substitutes but here are some other items that I've had success with.

1. Dates - Dates are like nature's candy. They are sweet and sometimes take on a chocolatey taste. We make a date paste at home by blending dates with warm water until smooth. Then you can use the paste to sweeten desserts, smoothies, etc. It's delicious! We make a great ice cream with date paste, cocoa powder and coconut cream.  

2. Applesauce - This is a great natural sweetener that can work in muffins, cookies, brownies, etc. I often use this in muffins or breakfast breads. You can search on the internet and find a lot of applesauce recipes. 

3. Bananas - ripe bananas are naturally sweet so they are a great way to turn a tasty treat into a healthy tasty treat. I love to put overly ripe bananas in brownies. They keep them moist and go great with the chocolate. I also make a milkshake in my Magic Bullet with an overly ripe banana, cocoa powder and almond milk.