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Sugar Detox

Starting on February 1 for 21 days, we are facilitating a sugar detox for our members and staff. We often over consume sugary treats during the holiday season so this is a great opportunity to clean out your body. 

In our sugar detox we are cutting out most sugars and sweeteners.  (Don't let this deter you from participating though!) This includes brown sugar, granulated sugar, icing sugar, cane sugar, etc. Basically any type of sugar, including "healthier" sugars like coconut sugar. We can't forget high fructose corn syrup (any type of corn syrup really), that's definitely out! We are also cutting out sugar substitutes like Agave, Splenda, Sweet N Low and Equal. 

We are allowing honey, pure maple syrup and Stevia in moderation so all is not lost! The key word here is moderation though. We will be trusting you not to overdo it with these products. Ultimately, we want you to be able to find healthier alternatives and recipes. If you need some coffee cake or cookies, that's okay! Try using applesauce and honey instead of sugar or dates instead of chocolate chips. Ideally we don't want you eating pancakes with maple syrup during this detox so just use your best judgment when it comes to eating and drinking. 

Remember that this is only for 21 days and the idea is to help your body detox and learn how to combat those cravings. Many of the BAREfit staff will also be participating in this so it should be a fun challenge.  

Let Mary Margaret know if you're interested in joining the reset challenge. Just email and she'll send you all of the details you need to get started. 

Sugar can be dangerous if over consumed and has even been compared to being as addictive as cocaine. (

Learn more about the dangers of sugar from the articles we've linked below: