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Starting in March, we'll be launching our Paddling Adventure Ready series. This will be an 8 week series focusing on the sport of paddling. Each week we'll be teaching a new skill and integrating it into our workouts. These are the 8 paddling skills we'll be showing you:

  • Portaging
  • Shoulder/ upper back health
  • Paddling power
  • Rescue skills
  • Craft remount
  • Upper body endurance
  • Torso/ hip control
  • Balance

This is a great time to join us as a member if you've been on the fence or are curious to know what BAREfit is all about. These paddling skills will not only get you into shape but also help if you're planning any kayaking or canoeing trips this summer. 

Sign up for our Trailhead program if you're interested in trying us out!