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David Abell Testimonial

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For me, the monotony of working out in a typical gym would often result in abbreviated stints, and I found that as I entered a new decade of my life, I wanted to redefine what fitness meant for me. I joined BAREfit in the fall of 2016 after checking out the gym while walking my dog, Boone. I had recently started working from a co-work space a block away, on Shelby St. called The Park, and was excited to discover a gym right around the corner. BAREfit's affordability, emphasis on mobility, and structure of the workouts are what immediately appealed to me.


The first year of my BAREfit membership I was a part of the morning crew, working out at 6:30 AM a few days a week. What I immediately found out is that it takes the body a little longer to warm up that early in the morning, but the camaraderie of the other BAREfitters makes it easier. The community was not an aspect of BAREfit that I anticipated, but it has been a huge part of why I come back every week. You create a special bond when your BAREfit coach is asking you to do whacky jacks while dressed in 80s fashion at a 6:30 am themed work out!! 


Speaking of coaches, the BAREfit coaches are a group of committed and talented individuals, who bring it week in week out to make every workout different and fun. Each coach brings their own unique style and I have enjoyed being able to get to know all of them. Susie's positive vibes and solid playlists always make the workouts enjoyable; Anthony provides robust knowledge on how to be sure and have the best form possible; Erin is always inspiring me to push a little harder and faster; and of course Captain Curtis is the ultimate movement guru, who designs the most fun and challenging workouts--and who my wife swears sounds just like Seth Rogen. Each coaches unique interpretation of the week's workouts ensure variety and new challenges.


Of course I should mention my fitness. While there is much progress to be made, I have never been as strong, mobile, or happy with where I am at with my fitness. One thing that has become very important to me is being able to get down and play with my 1-year old son, and BAREfit's emphasis on mobility has been a huge benefit here. I look forward to continuing my fitness journey at BAREfit. 

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