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Megan Merrick Testimonial

I have been at BAREFit for 2 years.  I drove by the worksite on Logan Street and stopped in on a whim, Met Curtis and signed up.  Been going ever since!

Most notably, I have seen an increase in my core and upper body strength.  Also, my mobility, flexibility, and strength through different ranges of motion have improved.   

I have lost over 20 pounds.

Professionally, working out at BAREFit has made me more resistant to injury, and emotional and physical fatigue.  It has given me a new found level of confidence and strong presence that increase my personal safety

and hopefully makes the community I work for more confident in my abilities to serve and protect them!


The things that keep me coming back to BAREFit are….

  • Curtis’ ability to meet me where I am each day and provide the workout experience that allows me to get the most out of each one
  • The supportive and accepting community of BAREFit,  All GOOD Vibes!!
  • The fact that BAREFit has prepared me for the adventures I have been on… Kyaking, white water rafting, mountain biking, hiking, etc.

I have a lot of confidence to try new things because BAREFitting has given me the base of strength and endurance needed to go out and take on new endeavors! 

I have a renewed sense of enjoyment of the outdoors because of BAREFit.

Curtis has been a great resource when selecting the right equipment and adventure locations.

Photographs by the talented Amy Merrick of Busby Hollow Media. 

Music for Your Next Big Climb

Everyone needs some great music to get you pumped up and inspired for your climb. Here is my climbing playlist. 


  1. Move on Up - Curtis Mayfield
  2. Aint' No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross
  3. Mountains - Prince
  4. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) - Arcade Fire
  5. The Climb - No Doubt
  6. Climbing up the Walls - Radiohead
  7.  You Only Live Once - The Strokes
  8. Song for Sunshine - Belle and Sebastian
  9. Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder
  10. Once in a Lifetime - Talking Heads

Here are some playlists that I found online that can serve as resources for music to listen to on your next climb. 

26 different playlists about rock climbing 

17 Songs about Mountains

Songs about Mountains and Climbing  

Rock Climbing Tips from Blake Maddux

Most climbers would say the three most important keys or tips to successful climbing goes something like this, good technique, strong core, and a consistent training regimen. All of these are true and necessary but I would say there are three more important tips. And the following tips can lead to a long life of climbing with friends and family.

First tip I have is to have fun. I love training hard and pushing myself beyond what I can handle but I will never encourage anyone to throw away fun for the sake of getting stronger. It is not worth it if you are not enjoying what your are doing. 

Second tip I have is to be safe. Climbing can be a dangerous sport/activity and the moment your feet leave the ground you are putting your safety and even life at risk. There are many climbers that enjoy free solo climbing. The most renowned free solo climber is Alex Honnold. Free soloing is a very dangerous form of climbing but Alex is a man that understands his limits which is why he is still alive and able to continue to enjoy climbing. 

Third tip I have is to push yourself. This tip is very important but the two prior tips must be put into effect before this one should happen. I have witnessed many people through my years of climbing push themselves beyond what they thought was possible. Accomplishing more than they thought was physically capable.

By: Blake Maddux of Elemental Climbing

Elemental Climbing is dedicated to growing the sport of rock climbing and supporting the strong community of rock climbers in Louisville, KY.  They set themselves apart by bringing the burgeoning discipline of dedicated routesetting to a mobile climbing wall. Their 26-ft mobile rock climbing wall features 4 climbing stations, each with a dedicated auto belay unit.

Learn more -

Make the World Your Playground - Big Four Bridge

Hey everyone, it's Mary Margaret. This is the first in a series of "Make the World Your Playground" posts where we'll be creating special workouts at different locations around Louisville. 

Today's workout is designed for the Big Four Bridge. I love this bridge. I often take Olive, strap her in the Boba carrier, and go! When she was younger it was hard to attend BAREfit pack workouts so I created this special workout when just walking the bridge wasn't challenging enough and I wanted a more "BAREfit" experience. 

Try this workout and I guarantee you'll break a sweat and build some muscles!

** This workout is parallel and can be done started at either side. My workout will start at the Indiana side since I live in New Albany. 


Start at the bottom of the ramp and do 20 squats.  

Start walking or jogging up the ramp. When you reach the set of stairs run up and down them, or in my case walk since I have Olive in the carrier. (If you choose to walk the bridge and ramps then keep a fast pace.)


Continue up the ramp and when you reach the top do 20 more squats. 

Start walking or jogging across the bridge. At the first bench you see, stop and do 20 dips.

Continue walking (at a fast pace) or jogging, until you reach the last bench on the other side. Stop and do 20 dips. 


Finish going across the bridge and when you reach the top of the ramp, do 20 squats. 

 Start walking or jogging down the ramp. When you reach the next set of stairs, run up and down them.  

Continue down to the bottom of the ramp and do 20 squats.  You're halfway done! 

Now turn around and continue back up the ramp repeating all of the above steps.

If you want more of a challenge, add in push ups and jumping jacks at each interchange along with your squats and dips. 

It takes less than 5 minutes to walk up and down each set of stairs twice and very little time to add in the squats and dips so try this workout whenever you go walking on the Big Four Bridge. 

By the time you are done with this workout you will have completed 80 dips and 140 squats combined with some cardio.  



We are very excited to offer a new program at BAREfit called MovCamp. It will incorporate natural movement, cardio and more into unique workouts unlike anything else happening in Louisville right now! Our classes will be taught by the only two MovNat trainers in the area who we are very proud to have on staff.