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Welcome Coach Anthony Duong

February 14, 2017 is a big day for BAREfit. We are very excited to welcome our new Adventure Coach, Anthony Doung. Coach Anthony was referred to us by one of our awesome members, Duffy Baker. During the interview process we were impressed by his energy and communication ability. And for a guy who's just getting started in his career, he has a very impressive background.

Anthony is in his third year at Bellarmine, where he will graduate in 2018 with a Bachelor's in Exercise Science (Sports Performance/Pre-PT) and Nutrition Minor. He is the VP of Internal Affairs for the Alpha Delta Gamma Fraternity. And perhaps most impressive, Anthony is the Founder/President of the Bellermine Rugby Team.

As an avid Rugby player, he was disappointed by the fact his school didn't have a program when he arrived. So instead of sitting around moping, he took it upon himself to be the change he wanted to see. After some major grinding that included hosting recruitment picnics, coordinating with AD's from other Universities to build a schedule, and teaching a bunch of kids how to play Rugby, Bellarmine was officially in the Rugby business!

As someone who eats and breathes leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, I was very impressed with what my man has done in his college career so far. Curtis and the rest of our team have really been encouraged by his commitment to learning and adapting his training style into Adventure Training here at BAREfit. Starting today, all of our BAREfitters will get to know Coach Anthony as well.

I can assure you that his enthusiasm, communication, and passion for health and fitness will shine through in each workout. Please join us in welcoming our brother AD to the team!