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Earn Your Beer Challenge at Climb NuLu

It's that time again. Louisville's most fun and adventurous Saturday WORKout + happy hour. As we finish up our climbing #AdventureReadySeries, we are going out with a blast! Join us for a action-packed climbing-driven Pack WORKout @ Climb Nulu! The workout will begin at 1PM. Afterwards we'll head across the street to Akasha Brewing for beers and fellowship!

Everyone who plans to attend must bring $10 to purchase a day pass at Climb Nulu.The $10 is a special rate for us and includes rental climbing shoes.

Halloween Earn Your Beer Challenge

Saturday, October 31 2-5PM

A new microbrewery opened up in BAREfit's original stomping ground... the home of all things Gaslight... J-Town, Kentucky! If you haven't ventured out to the J-Tizzy (as locals call it) lately, you're in for a treat. There has been a lot of stuff popping up over there late, including 3rd Turn Brewing! This brewery is made out of a reclaimed church building, and peeps have been saying it's fantastic! So we are going to meet @ the giant military helicopter out front at Veteran's Memorial Park for a special outdoor PACK WORKout... then we're headed to 3rd Turn for beer and fun! If anyone wants to share an Uber back to the gym, y'all are welcomed to work that our among yourselves and park at BAREfit on Logan Street. We'll be wrapping up around 4:30 or 5, so this can be a fun pre-game for your Halloween evening, or at least some adult fun before trick or treating w/ the minions. This event is FREE but space will be limited to 20 people. So RSVP now! Also, we hope to welcome former BAREfitters from the J-Town/Middletown locations of yesteryear! See y'all there. 


Earn Your Beer Challenge - Southern Indiana Style!

Saturday, August 29 at 2PM

Join us for the August Earn Your Beer Challenge! We'll be meeting in Southern Indiana this month to change things up and bring BAREfit across the river.

Join us at the Jeffersonville amphitheater (pictured above) along the river for a fun WHIM workout. Afterwards, we'll head over to Flat 12 for some good beer and good community.

Earn Your Beer Challenges are free and open to anyone interested.

V Grits

v grits 1.jpg

We are so excited that V Grits will be at the Grand Opening serving their delicious food!

V-Grits serves up southern-style vegan dishes out of a bright orange truck! Their goal is to provide people with healthier comfort food. They make all of their own sauces, dressings, cheeses, and more. 

V-Grits is chef-owned by Kristina J. Addington, the first vegan chef to win Food Network's culinary competition, Cutthroat Kitchen. 

Some of their menu items include:

V-GRITS - Roasted garlic and our made-from-scratch cheese make these grits the greatest. No gluten ingredients.

HOT BROWN MELT - V-Grits take on the classic KY Hot Brown. A grilled sandwich with our made-from-scratch turkey, cheese sauce, bacon, and balsamic grilled tomatoes.

About Chef Kristina

Why V-Grits? I grew up with a family from the hollers of Appalachia, whose gatherings always revolved around food. Southern, country-cooking at its’ best. My family expressed love through feeding each other home-cooked meals, and I believe a lot of people shared similar experiences. That's one reason "comfort food" is so comforting. It reminds us of sitting around the dinner table with our families. 

I switched to a completely plant-based diet about 8 years ago, after beginning to understand exactly how much animals suffer in factory farms (did you know 10 billion animals are slaughtered in the US every year?). I chose to make a bold decision to no longer support the cruel farmed-animal food system. As I began to learn more about health and wellness, I was even more confident in my choice. Meat and dairy are major contributors to heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes… the list goes on.

Come out to BAREfit on May 23 between 12-5 for our Grand Opening and try out their amazing food! Even if you're not vegan, you'll still enjoy it. Trust us...

Linda-Lee Murphy

Meet one of our Grand Opening Vendors, Linda-Lee Murphy. She will be set up at the Wellness Fair offering education on homeopathy and herbs and may even have some tinctures available! You definitely don't want to miss talking to her!

Learn more about Linda-Lee:

"I have a Bachelor's of Science from Bastyr university in Herbal Medicine. I studied Botany, Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, Organic chemistry, Microbiology and Pharmacology. I also attended Dr. Herscu's NESH seminar covering basic homoepathic remedy prescribing. After college I moved to Louisville Kentucky where I have started to develop my stills into a business networking with other entrepreneurers and developing natural remedies. I started by making homemade vanilla extract. I now have my first herbal tincture blend. My product is superior to what is sold in the store because of the organic herbs I use and the ratio of herb material I am able to use per volume. My vanilla extract is a chefs quality vanilla extract made with about eight beans per cup of alcohol. My tinctures are prepared by hand and gram and volume are calculated in order to bring out the best qualities in the herbs that are used."