Duffy Baker Testimonial

I have been with Barefit just over a year. Before I joined BAREfit I was working out at Bellarmine University (where I go to school) and Planet Fitness. Even with the two different gyms, I felt that I wasn’t getting the workout I needed and I definitely wasn’t getting the results I wanted. While I was at Planet Fitness, my girlfriend and BAREfit member, Paige McWilliams, was coming to BAREfit and invited me to come and try out a class. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After that very class I signed up for a membership and canceled my Plant Fitness membership. I realized that I was getting a better workout in the 45 minutes I was at BAREfit than the 2 hours I would spend at my other gyms.

By taking advantage of the unlimited classes and the different programs BAREfit offers like the 21 Day Challenge, I have seen monumental success. I came into BAREfit at 245 pounds coming off of shoulder surgery that both physically and mentally held me back. With the great help of the coaches and fellow BAREfitters, I am now 189 pounds, I have no pain in my shoulder, I have been a Pescatarian for over a year, I come to BAREfit 5 days a week always wanting more and I have never been so comfortable in my body. BAREfit has truly changed my life both from a physical standpoint but also in making much more health conscious and getting me away from my computer and outside for things like hiking. I could not be happier with my decision to join BAREfit. 

Megan Merrick Testimonial

I have been at BAREFit for 2 years.  I drove by the worksite on Logan Street and stopped in on a whim, Met Curtis and signed up.  Been going ever since!

Most notably, I have seen an increase in my core and upper body strength.  Also, my mobility, flexibility, and strength through different ranges of motion have improved.   

I have lost over 20 pounds.

Professionally, working out at BAREFit has made me more resistant to injury, and emotional and physical fatigue.  It has given me a new found level of confidence and strong presence that increase my personal safety

and hopefully makes the community I work for more confident in my abilities to serve and protect them!


The things that keep me coming back to BAREFit are….

  • Curtis’ ability to meet me where I am each day and provide the workout experience that allows me to get the most out of each one
  • The supportive and accepting community of BAREFit,  All GOOD Vibes!!
  • The fact that BAREFit has prepared me for the adventures I have been on… Kyaking, white water rafting, mountain biking, hiking, etc.

I have a lot of confidence to try new things because BAREFitting has given me the base of strength and endurance needed to go out and take on new endeavors! 

I have a renewed sense of enjoyment of the outdoors because of BAREFit.

Curtis has been a great resource when selecting the right equipment and adventure locations.

Photographs by the talented Amy Merrick of Busby Hollow Media. 

David Thompson - Testimonial

We are excited to start sharing testimonials from our clients. David Thompson has graciously shared his story with you below. 

"All you have to do is just look at my before and after pictures and you can pretty much figure out what I think about BareFit.  Yep, it’s pretty freakin’ amazing!  I lost about 50 pounds and dropped my body fat percentage from 27% to 18.5% in less than 6 months.  I’m back! At least to my college weight.  Even pants I bought 16 years ago are lose; I’ve been promising myself for over a decade I would fit into them again.

I’m 47 and I’ve been between 30-50 lbs. overweight for a dozen years or more.  I’ve told myself at least a 100 times I was going to start exercising and lose some weight and sometimes my new exercise plan and diet even lasted past lunch.  I found a Groupon and showed up at BareFit in early January this year.  I knew I needed some extra help if I was going to succeed.  BareFit has provided excellent training and an encouraging atmosphere.  I genuinely feel like the staff and members actually care if I show up for a workout session or not.  Curtis, the training guru, has made me a new man.  I have definitely bought into the program but what got me started is that the workout is completed in less than 30 minutes.  Most days we do somewhere between 14-18 minutes of actual exercise within 25-30 minutes.  I assumed I’d need to exercise much longer than 14-18 minutes a day to reach my target weight.  I’ve actually lost more than what I initially set as my goal.  I go to BareFit 4-5 times a week because I enjoy the comradery and variety that is offered.  The workout is never the same and Curtis is constantly inventing new exercises.  I would have never imagined just what a couple of old Frisbees, some old tires, a skate board, and a fire hose could do for you.  The whole culture and look of the place is very unintimidating.  Wholly sweatshirts are welcomed."