Honest Home

Meet another one of our Grand Opening vendors!

Honest Home is Louisville's first and premier green building supply store (and recently established pop-up music venue). Located in Downtown Louisville's NuLu district, they provide affordable alternatives to traditional products that are good for you, good for kids, good for pets, and good for the world. Their products are backed by manufacturer guaranties, a knowledgeable sales staff, and a price match guarantee.

Honest Home was one of the first Louisville businesses to get a KIVA loan and was part of the Louisville KIVA City launch with us in November 2014. We're so excited to have them on site so you can learn about their eco-friendly products!


Earn Your Kentucky Common Challenge

On Sunday April 26, BAREfit partnered with Yelp on a special Derby Earn Your Beer Challenge!

The Kentucky Derby is decadent and depraved, as a Louisville fellow once wrote. So we did our bodies some good by working out with BAREfit -- and then rewarded ourselves with Kentucky Common beer from Bluegrass Brewing Co. because ... well ... it's Derby time and why not.

We closed Second Street at Washington Street, under the Second Street Bridge, for this special workout, and then we enjoyed a Kentucky Common, the type of beer featured at the upcoming Derby City BrewFest.

Donations from the event went to Saving Sunny, a Louisville nonprofit that advocates for the equal treatment and social justice for pit bull terrier dogs.

Read some reviews and check out photos from that day!