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On the Go Snacks for Rock Climbing

When you're gearing up for a climbing trip, you want snacks that are light, easy to transport and packed full of energy. Try some of these ideas, the next time you're thinking of heading out to the gorge. 

1. Trail Mix. Trader Joes and Aldi offer a lot of affordable pre packaged trail mix options.  Be careful though, because sometimes pre packaged trail mixes have a lot of added sugar so check your ingredients.  These stores also sell individual bags of dried fruit and nuts at reasonable prices that you can purchase to make your own blend. 

2. Larabars. These things are great! Packed full of dates, nuts and fruit these bars are delicious and easy to travel with. Sometimes you can find them on sale at Kroger or Target. If you have time, you can also make your own bars using a recipe like this one from Paleo Polly -

3. Raw fruit. Oranges, apples, bananas, really anything you like! Oranges will help boost your electrolytes after an intense climb. Just make sure you don't squish your fruit in your bag! 


Here are more ideas from Mind Body Green -

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