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On the Go Snacks for Rock Climbing

When you're gearing up for a climbing trip, you want snacks that are light, easy to transport and packed full of energy. Try some of these ideas, the next time you're thinking of heading out to the gorge. 

1. Trail Mix. Trader Joes and Aldi offer a lot of affordable pre packaged trail mix options.  Be careful though, because sometimes pre packaged trail mixes have a lot of added sugar so check your ingredients.  These stores also sell individual bags of dried fruit and nuts at reasonable prices that you can purchase to make your own blend. 

2. Larabars. These things are great! Packed full of dates, nuts and fruit these bars are delicious and easy to travel with. Sometimes you can find them on sale at Kroger or Target. If you have time, you can also make your own bars using a recipe like this one from Paleo Polly -

3. Raw fruit. Oranges, apples, bananas, really anything you like! Oranges will help boost your electrolytes after an intense climb. Just make sure you don't squish your fruit in your bag! 


Here are more ideas from Mind Body Green -

Rock Climbing Tips from Blake Maddux

Most climbers would say the three most important keys or tips to successful climbing goes something like this, good technique, strong core, and a consistent training regimen. All of these are true and necessary but I would say there are three more important tips. And the following tips can lead to a long life of climbing with friends and family.

First tip I have is to have fun. I love training hard and pushing myself beyond what I can handle but I will never encourage anyone to throw away fun for the sake of getting stronger. It is not worth it if you are not enjoying what your are doing. 

Second tip I have is to be safe. Climbing can be a dangerous sport/activity and the moment your feet leave the ground you are putting your safety and even life at risk. There are many climbers that enjoy free solo climbing. The most renowned free solo climber is Alex Honnold. Free soloing is a very dangerous form of climbing but Alex is a man that understands his limits which is why he is still alive and able to continue to enjoy climbing. 

Third tip I have is to push yourself. This tip is very important but the two prior tips must be put into effect before this one should happen. I have witnessed many people through my years of climbing push themselves beyond what they thought was possible. Accomplishing more than they thought was physically capable.

By: Blake Maddux of Elemental Climbing

Elemental Climbing is dedicated to growing the sport of rock climbing and supporting the strong community of rock climbers in Louisville, KY.  They set themselves apart by bringing the burgeoning discipline of dedicated routesetting to a mobile climbing wall. Their 26-ft mobile rock climbing wall features 4 climbing stations, each with a dedicated auto belay unit.

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