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Linda-Lee Murphy

Meet one of our Grand Opening Vendors, Linda-Lee Murphy. She will be set up at the Wellness Fair offering education on homeopathy and herbs and may even have some tinctures available! You definitely don't want to miss talking to her!

Learn more about Linda-Lee:

"I have a Bachelor's of Science from Bastyr university in Herbal Medicine. I studied Botany, Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, Organic chemistry, Microbiology and Pharmacology. I also attended Dr. Herscu's NESH seminar covering basic homoepathic remedy prescribing. After college I moved to Louisville Kentucky where I have started to develop my stills into a business networking with other entrepreneurers and developing natural remedies. I started by making homemade vanilla extract. I now have my first herbal tincture blend. My product is superior to what is sold in the store because of the organic herbs I use and the ratio of herb material I am able to use per volume. My vanilla extract is a chefs quality vanilla extract made with about eight beans per cup of alcohol. My tinctures are prepared by hand and gram and volume are calculated in order to bring out the best qualities in the herbs that are used."