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Megan Merrick Testimonial

I have been at BAREFit for 2 years.  I drove by the worksite on Logan Street and stopped in on a whim, Met Curtis and signed up.  Been going ever since!

Most notably, I have seen an increase in my core and upper body strength.  Also, my mobility, flexibility, and strength through different ranges of motion have improved.   

I have lost over 20 pounds.

Professionally, working out at BAREFit has made me more resistant to injury, and emotional and physical fatigue.  It has given me a new found level of confidence and strong presence that increase my personal safety

and hopefully makes the community I work for more confident in my abilities to serve and protect them!


The things that keep me coming back to BAREFit are….

  • Curtis’ ability to meet me where I am each day and provide the workout experience that allows me to get the most out of each one
  • The supportive and accepting community of BAREFit,  All GOOD Vibes!!
  • The fact that BAREFit has prepared me for the adventures I have been on… Kyaking, white water rafting, mountain biking, hiking, etc.

I have a lot of confidence to try new things because BAREFitting has given me the base of strength and endurance needed to go out and take on new endeavors! 

I have a renewed sense of enjoyment of the outdoors because of BAREFit.

Curtis has been a great resource when selecting the right equipment and adventure locations.

Photographs by the talented Amy Merrick of Busby Hollow Media.