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Jeremy Petruska - Testimonial

My BareFit story is probably a little less typical than most. I first arrived at BareFit already in fairly good shape due to my years of experience with parkour, mobility training, and trail running. However at 5'8" and 130 lbs, nobody was mistaking me for an athelete anytime soon. I may still never be mistaken from a bodybuilder, but I have assuredly gained nearly 8 lbs of muscle weight since first coming to BareFit.

The first time I came to BareFit it was a whim day style course set up for the Grand Opening event back on May 23rd, 2015. I instantly knew it was my kind of place. The attitudes and aesthetics reminded me of working out in a good friend's unfinished basement. I had so much fun that first day that I did the workout 2.5 times plus some random goofing around on all the various items strewn about the building. Ever since then, a combination of not wanting to dissapoint Curtis by taking a micronap in a pool of my own sweat rather than push on for 15 more seconds, and Emma's tendency to come up with harder exercise variants when my own variants aren't up to her snuff have kept pushing me harder than my previous workouts ever had. It is through pushing myself harder and for longer that helped me actually gain the muscle mass I had been looking for.

Ever since first walking in to BareFit, I knew I wanted to get involved somehow. Knowing how much time I'd spend there, it would have just felt strange to not foster a deeper connection to the place. I've helped build out parts of the gym, plan out new additions, and now I'm a certified MovNat trainer and will start coaching at BAREfit this summer.