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Join us for a water challenge in August

BAREfit members! Join us for something new and different this August. Instead of a nutritional reset we are going to offer up a water challenge. It's free and optional and we hope you'll all consider participating!

Depending on your weight, you'll drink 80-100 ounces of water each day. We'll also be implementing some fasting after 9pm (liquids allowed) as an additional way to help you feel and look your best!

Hydration is key when working out and this will be a fun way for us to grow together. We'll have a private accountability group on Facebook and Mary Margaret will be checking in with daily encouragement and resources. She's done one of these challenges before and had a great experience. 

We encourage everyone who chooses to participate to take a before and after photo (you don't have to share it) to help you see the results from filling your body with lots of water!

Email Mary Margaret to participate -

Endless Summer Paddle Co.

We were very excited to partner with Endless Summer Paddle Co. in Louisville for a special event we hosted on April 30. Endless Summer Paddle Company was founded in 2016 by Mimi Hahn and Matt Sheehan to address a need in the the greater Kentucky area: access to exploring and enjoying the region’s diverse waterways.

Mimi, a former outward bound instructor and current yoga instructor, jumped at the opportunity to bridge her two passions: yoga and outdoor water adventures. Mimi has a lifeguard, first aid, and CPR training through the American Red Cross. She is a Baptiste-certified yoga instructor and has trained in SUP techniques and SUP yoga instruction. She is excited to share her knowledge and experience with the community!

"I can't be near water without wanting to be 'on water.' It started as a child, with a love of swimming and the outdoors. Leading canoeing expeditions in my young adulthood helped nourish this passion and creating Endless Summer Paddle Company this past year has given me the opportunity to spend a majority of my time on the water. One of my favorite paddling memories is a time I lead a course on Florida's Suwannee River. I was working with a group of college aged students who were strong paddlers and determined to make it to our last pick up on the river, Fanning Springs. Due to some weather delays we got to the point where we needed to travel 100 miles in around 3 days. The students had an opportunity to chose a closer take out or to go for it. They decided to go for it and ended up creating a plan of aggressive paddling during the day and lashing the boats together at night to create a float and paddling in shifts while the majority of the group slept. The students were also training for a half marathon so we spent those 72 hours entirely on the water and got off only to run and poop. It was epic to say the least!" - Mimi Hahn

Natural and Affordable Remedies for Staying Healthy this Season

by Mary Margaret Sparks

Winter is a tough season for sickness. I don't like to depend too much on medicine so I use essential oils and other natural remedies around my house. Since I'm pregnant, I'm limited on the medicines I can take anyway so I rely heavily on the things below to keep me feeling healthy. 

A few notes before we get started: I don't get a flu shot and have not yet had the flu. I struggle with sinus and allergy issues and have seen results from these natural remedies.  If you get caught with a cold or sinus infection, these remedies can help provide relief even if you are taking some medicine.

Make sure you do your own research on anything and talk with your physician before you take it so you're well-informed. If you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant, talk with your physician first because many herbs are not safe to ingest during pregnancy.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar - this is great for cleansing your immune system and flushing out toxins.  I don't like the taste but I add a spoonful to juice or water and shoot it down. Make sure you use unfiltered apple cider vinegar because that has all of the nutrients. Braggs is a great brand that I use and can be purchased at Kroger. The bottles are large but you only use a little at a time.

2. Essential Oils - Tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus are my three go to oils when I'm feeling under the weather. You can put them in a diffuser to purify the air in your home, add a few drops to your humidifier, put a few drops in a hot steamy shower, or even put some in a bowl of boiling water and breath in the steam.

There are ways to use essential oils in throat sprays and salves but make sure you ask your doctor or midwife before you use any essential oils. Tea tree oil is available for cheap at Trader Joes and I have purchased my essential oils at Rainbow Blossom and online in the past. I also asked for oils as a Christmas present and got some!

3. Tea - I drink Rooibus tea pretty much everyday. Often referred to as red tea or African red tea, Rooibus is a herbal tea made from a root in South Africa. It's full of antioxidants to keep you feeling great plus it also helps relieve stress and anxiety.  Green and white teas are also full of antioxidants so drinking a cup or two a day can really help.

You can also drink herbal teas which have a lot of immunity boosting support. Just make sure you research any herbs if you're pregnant because many are not safe. I like Yogi tea which can be found at Kroger in the organic section but there are so many other affordable brands out there.

yogi tea.png

4. Water - it is so important to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of liquids helps to flush out toxins from your body.

5. Local Honey - Adding local honey to apple cider vinegar or tea really helps with sore and scratchy throats. Some people believe local honey can help with allergies. I've read mixed results but I do find that it helps provide me some relief. Rainbow Blossom and farmer's markets are mainly where I purchase my local honey.

I hope that some of these natural remedies will help you this season!


Also check out this great comprehensive article on the benefits of herbal medicine -