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Jessica Devine Testimonial

A profound moment didn’t lead me to BAREfit Adventure Training. I hadn’t injured myself doing something really adventurous. Actually, that same year, I dropped my membership at a local gym because I was bored with the classes, tired of just being a number and over my lack of results. Without even knowing it, BAREfit was exactly what I had been looking for.

I met Rob, and possibly Curtis, at the Flea-Off Market in September 2014. See, I can’t even remember the details of the moment that has literally changed my physical and mental wellbeing. BAREfit was doing a drawing for a gift card, and a few days later, I received a call from Rob telling me that I’d won a free month of training. I’m pretty sure I tried to talk him out of choosing me as the winner because I was no stranger to what this style of exercise entailed; I’ve sat at traffic lights and watched in amazement while those people push themselves to extremes. Later I would learn there’s a difference between BAREfit and Crossfit. I showed up for my first session and thought that I was either going to be sick or pass out by the end of it. I went full-throttle that first session, and I haven’t looked back since. I stuck with it, and while the workout didn’t get any easier, I certainly got stronger.

In January 2015, I made it my resolution to always ask for more weight. This year, I decided to always take the high road during our Whim Day workouts. The high road is the more advanced movement during a BAREfit obstacle course, which is the main part of a Whim Day workout. I’m not such a weakling anymore; I find myself looking for adventure in and out of BAREfit because not only has it made me stronger, it’s increased my confidence. I attend three Pack Workouts each week and one personal training session each month with Curtis. Our personal training sessions have been invaluable to my success. Curtis has brought out my strengths and my weaknesses. He helps me work though movements so that I get the best workout and stay safe. He has literally pushed me to my limit and encouraged me to push further.

As of March 2017, I have lost 56 pounds. I know weight is just a number and doesn’t measure how strong I am, but I weigh more than I did in my mid-twenties (I’m 35, by the way) and wear a smaller size. BAREfit has enabled me to become my strongest self. I’m pretty sure I’ll survive if ever faced with crossing a river by traversing a log or swinging by vine to the other side. BAREfit Adventure Training helps me be me, a much stronger and healthier me.

David Thompson - Testimonial

We are excited to start sharing testimonials from our clients. David Thompson has graciously shared his story with you below. 

"All you have to do is just look at my before and after pictures and you can pretty much figure out what I think about BareFit.  Yep, it’s pretty freakin’ amazing!  I lost about 50 pounds and dropped my body fat percentage from 27% to 18.5% in less than 6 months.  I’m back! At least to my college weight.  Even pants I bought 16 years ago are lose; I’ve been promising myself for over a decade I would fit into them again.

I’m 47 and I’ve been between 30-50 lbs. overweight for a dozen years or more.  I’ve told myself at least a 100 times I was going to start exercising and lose some weight and sometimes my new exercise plan and diet even lasted past lunch.  I found a Groupon and showed up at BareFit in early January this year.  I knew I needed some extra help if I was going to succeed.  BareFit has provided excellent training and an encouraging atmosphere.  I genuinely feel like the staff and members actually care if I show up for a workout session or not.  Curtis, the training guru, has made me a new man.  I have definitely bought into the program but what got me started is that the workout is completed in less than 30 minutes.  Most days we do somewhere between 14-18 minutes of actual exercise within 25-30 minutes.  I assumed I’d need to exercise much longer than 14-18 minutes a day to reach my target weight.  I’ve actually lost more than what I initially set as my goal.  I go to BareFit 4-5 times a week because I enjoy the comradery and variety that is offered.  The workout is never the same and Curtis is constantly inventing new exercises.  I would have never imagined just what a couple of old Frisbees, some old tires, a skate board, and a fire hose could do for you.  The whole culture and look of the place is very unintimidating.  Wholly sweatshirts are welcomed."