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You did it! You took the HUGE first step toward changing your life. And make no mistake, that first step is the hardest one to make. It’s way easier to say I don’t have the time. I don’t have the money. Nothing ever works for me.

But you chose wisely. Personal Coaching is the new Personal Training. And like Personal Training, it started out as something that only athletes, high-level professionals, and celebrities had access to. But well researched, progressive-minded Fitness Specialists are slowly starting to offer these services.

With our Strategic Transformation Coaching we are flipping the Personal Training model upside down. Rather than putting 80% of the program’s energy into the workouts, and only 20% to life outside the gym, we are putting 80% of the energy into life outside the gym, and 20% into the workouts.

Don’t get me wrong, the workouts at BAREfit have been listed among the best in Louisville since we opened in 2015. But from the standpoint of this Coaching program, we will prescribe our workouts as PART of the process, instead of doing what most fitness facilities do, and make it the entire aspect of services.

The Coaching relationship will involve all levels of life management. Habits, scheduling, grocery shopping, morning routines, goal setting, at home exercise, workouts for when you travel, and the list goes on. With Strategic Transformation Coaching, we are walking beside you everyday toward your health and fitness. This is such a game changer for the fitness industry, it’s hard to overstate it.

Before we get into everything, let me preface with one thing. This potentially life-changing journey you’re about to go on will only work if you follow it 100%. You cannot pick and choose which parts you want to take, and which you leave.

For the next 6 weeks we need your trust, and your commitment to put in work. And we need you to do every part of this program exactly as it’s stated. That is the only way we can say with confidence how well this program works.

In other words, it works if you work! But as you get after it, we will be right here beside you, cheering you on, and changing your tire if you break down on the side of the road (I mean that metaphorically. You’ll need to call AAA if you actually have a flat tire).

So get your game face on, and get ready to begin this journey, and be fully prepared to transform every aspect of your health and fitness. I am so, so aware of how painful it can be to feel like you’re trapped in a body that “isn’t you.” I’ve been there, and I promise you there is light on the other side. Let’s do this!

Nothing in nature that is alive stays stagnant. Plants, vegetables, fruits, trees. They are either growing or they’re dying.

After helping people start fitness programs since 2004, I’ve worked with over 7,000 people, across 6 states. Needless to say I’ve had many long days, sleepless nights, huge victories, heartbreaking losses, incredible stories, and many clients I’ll never forget.

The best of what I’ve learned is baked into our Strategic Transformation Coaching, Which begins with this 6 week challenge you’re about to embark upon.

This program is designed around the 3 part-system that I explained during our call:

(1) Professional Training
(2) Science-Based Nutrition
(3) Personal Accountability

Most weight-loss programs cover only 1 component, and little to nothing on the other 2. With this 6 Week Challenge, we will fully cover all 3! And as long as you’re a client, we will continue this process of growth and education.

This page is your 6 Week Challenge Headquarters.

We’re putting as much as we can think of that you will need to reference right here for you in one place. And if we left something out, pretty soon we’ll realize it, and we’ll add it right here on this page! So without further ado, here is your Complete Challenge Checklist.



  1. On-Board Call: Your on-board phone call with Rob. (If you were linked here, this has already happened).

  2. Follow Us: Instagram | Facebook

  3. Challenge Waiver: Link Here

  4. Complete Fitness BackGround & Goals: Link Here

  5. Join Member's FB Group: Link Here (This group is our community’s general message board).

  6. Join Strategic Transformation Group: Link Here
    (This group is for our Transformation Coaching clients ONLY. Questions, encouragement, workout selfies, sharing your recipes and menu items, sharing your successes, struggles - this is our Coaching community home base!)

  7. Introduce Yourself In Coaching Group: When a new client joins the group, we encourage you to say hi, explain what led you to become a client, and any other info you’d like to share about yourself and your goals.

  8. Download Scheduling App: Go to iOS or Android app store, DL Schedulicity, enter email, create password, and upload profile picture.

  9. Download Voxer & Connect: Voxer is a “walkie-talkie” style app that greatly improves communication between coach and client. It also separates your #BAREFITLIFE from the rest of your texts. After you log in, Add Your Coach. App Link Here | Add Coach Rob

  10. Download MyFitnessPal: Link Here

  11. Send Before Picture + Goals: Email over your before picture and a brief summary of your goals and background. Be sure to include specific, measurable, achievable goals, as discussed in your initial consultation. Send the email to | Click Here for a sample of how to do the before picture and goal summary

  12. Read Over Nutrition Guide: Link Here

  13. Calculate TDEE: Send over a screenshot (through Voxer) of your results. We need to get that daily caloric intake on point before we begin. As noted, if you have any confusion on this part, ask! Remember, no such thing stupid questions!

  14. Watch All Videos, Get Comfortable With Nutrition Program, Ask Questions, Schedule Any Follow Up You Need


  1. Take Grocery List & Get Your Food For Week 1

  2. Come To Your First Training Session: Your first session is scheduled for you. After that you can schedule all of your sessions in Schedulicity. Please schedule your full week in advance when possible. Appointments may be changed as needed, as long as all 3 weekly sessions are completed.

  3. Pick Up Your Recipe Book From The Gym: (Pictured)

  4. Send Nightly Reports: (By 11PM) Send over total daily calories & MyFitnessPal screenshot of daily macros breakdown on Voxer. (See example from MyFitnessPal above). Using voice or text, send over your highs & lows for the day - In relation to workout, nutrition compliance, & mindset (stress levels, mental health, temptations, etc). Be as brief or as detailed as you need to be. This daily pulse check is important.

  5. Finish 3 Sessions For Week 1

  6. End Of Week 1 Progress Report (Due By Midnight On Sunday Night): Complete Weekly Progress Report: LINK HERE


  1. Take Grocery List & Get Your Food For Week 2

  2. Send Nightly Reports: Same directions

  3. Finish 3 Sessions For Week 2

  4. End Of Week 2 Progress Check (Due By Midnight On Sunday Night): Same directions


  1. Take Grocery List & Get Your Food For Week 3

  2. Send Nightly Reports: Same directions

  3. Finish 3 Sessions For Week 3

  4. End Of Week 3 Progress Check (Due By Midnight On Sunday Night): Same directions


  1. Take Grocery List & Get Your Food For Week 4

  2. Send Nightly Reports: Same directions

  3. Finish 3 Sessions For Week 4

  4. End Of Week 4 Progress Check (Due By Midnight On Sunday Night): Same directions


  1. Take Grocery List & Get Your Food For Week 5

  2. Send Nightly Reports: Same directions

  3. Finish 3 Sessions For Week 5

  4. End Of Week 5 Progress Check (Due By Midnight On Sunday Night): Same directions


  1. Take Grocery List & Get Your Food For Week 6

  2. Send Nightly Reports: Same directions

  3. Finish 3 Sessions For Week 6


  1. CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS!!!: By this point you should be feeling amazing, feeling accomplished, made some new friends, conquered some fears, and ready to continue crushing goals and getting results!!!

  2. Send Your End Of Challenge Testimonial Email: Send your “after picture,” and tell your story about your experience during the challenge! We will use your testimonial to give future clients confidence in our program! Send Email to | Again, here’s a template to look at as needed


By this point you’ve done it! You have completed your 6 Week Challenge! It’s my sincere hope that it’s truly been the best 6 weeks of your fitness life! And it would mean the world to me if you continue to be a part of our tribe for many, many months to come! We promise to continue delivering a results-based, adventure-driven training, nutrition, and accountability-based experience, and celebrate the #BAREFITLIFE with many awesome special events, workshops, and more! Thank you for your trust in us, and for letting us serve you during this challenge! Onward!

- Rob Bratcher