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How do I get to your facility?

We are proudly located In the Shelby Park Neighborhood, at 1001 Logan Street, in the same complex as the Logan Street Market. If you’re headed north on Logan St, we’re on your right as you come up to kentucky st. intersection. If you pass the tim faulkner gallery, you’ve gone too far.

Where do I park?

Park on the street or in the lot directly across from the Faulkner Gallery.

What are your workouts like?

You'll find anywhere from 2-12 people in our pack workouts, depending on the day and time. Each workout begins with a short warmup that includes some foundational strength training movements, usually performed with barbells.

After everyone is warmed up, our trainers explain and demo each exercise movement to the group. This is done at every class for every member whether beginner or advanced. We pride ourselves in educating our clients and making sure that everyone has a fun, safe experience.

How are the workouts sequenced?

How do I try out BAREfit and/or become a member?

Each workout is stationed based. PUSH and PULL days typically consist of two or three exercise stations. Depending on class size you will do two 45-second segments or three 30-second segments for each exercise at each station. WHIM days consist of an obstacle course station complimented with core and mobility exercise stations. 


Our Kickstart Pass is for anyone interested in trying out BAREfit. We offer your first 10 days of training on the house. After that you can decide if you want to become a member.


How do I pay?

We do auto draft payments and accept visa, mastercard, AMEX, and discover. We use a software called MindBody. Members are set up with month-to-month agreements for their convenience and we require a 30 day notice of cancellation. 


How do I book sessions?


Once you become a member, we set you up in MindBody with an account. The easiest way to book classes is through the Mindbody smartphone app. Once you join, we will walk you through the process of booking classes. 


You do not need to be in good shape to start training at BAREfit. We have members of all fitness and skill levels. However, having at least a basic background in weight lifting, yoga, sports or group fitness is highly recommended. Our workouts are active and challenging. We structure them in such a way that our members never plateau but continue to improve. 

Do I need to be in great shape?

Is this like crossfit, boot camp, etc?

In short, no. The foundation of what we do is called Adventure MVMT. It’s a fitness philosophy, created and nurtured by our Co-Founder Curtis Hall. Our style of training builds more capable humans and helps maximize outdoor adventure sports performance. Our mission is to cultivate strong local community through unique, diverse, fun, effective workouts, all engineered to build more capable humans.