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So Why Free? What's The Catch?
There Is No Catch. We Just Want To Serve You BEFORE We Ask For Your Commitment. This Process Creates An Excellent Experience For You And Puts Us In The Best Position To Earn Your Trust.

Note: We collect a $15 refundable deposit to secure appointment. This deposit will be refunded upon completion of your session.

Here's How Easy It Is To Get Started:

Step 1: Register Below & Get Your Free Personal Training Session
Step 2: Come In For Your First Workout. We Will Learn About Your Goals + Recommend The Best Path To Get Started.
Step 3. If You Choose To Become A PT Client, You Will Pick The Program Type That Fits You Best. Each Program Type Represents A Framework For Your Desired Focus + Results. Once You've Selected Your Program Type, Your Plan Will Be Completely Individualized For Your Specific Goals. See Our 3 Program Types Below:


#1. Total Human Capability: After learning what greatness means to you, your Coach will build an individualized program to get you there. The focus will be on optimizing every aspect of your physical abilities and building your ideal physique.





#2. Mobility Rehab: This program is best for individuals recovering from injuries, and those who are suffering from chronic immobility. When it hurts to move, as it does for millions of Americans, we tend to be more stationary. A Sedentary lifestyle leads to worse problems down the line. Not what anyone wants out of their life. Our Mobility Rehab Program is individualized to address your specific needs and help you reclaim your physical strength and motivation toward fitness and adventure.

#3. Sports Specific: From high school athletes (16 & up) to adult runners, hikers, climbers, cyclists, paddlers, middle-aged dad's wanting to keep up with their kids on a b-ball court, OCR competitors, & anyone else who wants to get 100% committed to optimizing their strength, agility, and overall conditioning for their sport. From amateurs to pros, from traditional sports to our beloved outdoor adventure sports, BAREfit's Sports Specific Personal Training will take your performance to the top level. Your #1 competition will always be yourself. Commit to greatness and we will commit to leading you there.  

Personal Training Terms

- All Personal Training Sessions Include 45 Minutes Of Training + 10 Minutes Of Consultation As Needed
- After You Choose Your Program Type You Will Choose Between 4, 8, Or 12 Sessions Per Month
- All Personal Training Programs Also Include 8 Small Group Training Classes Per Month
- All Personal Training Programs Are Scheduled For Payment 1x Per Month


Get Ready To Make The World Your Playground

Please Enter Your Contact Info Below. We Will Send You A Text Or Email Within 24 Hours (Usually Quicker).
From There We Will Schedule Your First PT Session At Your Earliest Convenience.

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Thanks For Your Interest. Here Are Some Answers To Common Questions About Personal Training:

Q: How much does it cost?
A: We have several options, + we are happy to customize depending on your needs. Our primary goal is to assist you into a program that fits with your goals, convenience, and budget. In terms of payment types, all PT is either auto-drafted each month (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) or prepaid.

Q: What times of day can I train one-on-one?
A: We have Coaches available in the early morning, early afternoon, and evening. We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.

Q: If I'm doing personal training, can I also do Small Group?
A: Absolutely! And You Will Have 8 Small Group Training Sessions Per Month Available @ NO EXTRA COST as part of your Personal Training. NOTE: We've checked, there's no better value in town. If you find one, email it to

Q: Is nutrition covered?
A: Yes. You get a nutrition overview + unlimited consultation on nutrition and any other subject included in your program.

Q: Do I need to be in shape or some kind of ninja?
A: Of course not. We work with the most out of shape peeps all the way up to professional athletes. But you won't stay out of shape for long if you're on our squad.

Q: How long are PT sessions?
A: 45 Minutes. Every 60 days your Coach will put you through an evaluation + fitness test. Those sessions will usually run closer to an hour. Get ready to make fat cry + make the world your playground.

Q: So like... I have other questions.
A: Word... fill this out and someone with all the answers will text you or email you with urgency and a desire to rock your world with service!