Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you and your co-workers. We've set out to build the best training program for adventurers seeking better performance, and everyday athletes who desire strong, holistic fitness community. We're excited to showcase everything we have to offer.

During your trial with us, we will do all we can to welcome you and your co-workers into our community. We hope BAREfit surpasses your best expectations, and we'll do everything in our power to make sure we're a perfect fit for your goals.

If you choose to remain a member following your trial, you will receive a 20% discount on a m2m training membership. Instead of our regular $129.99/mo, you will pay $99.99 per month for unlimited training.

You get unlimited consultation from our training staff, so feel free to email us anytime with questions of needs. (hello@barefitlife.com)

Let this page be your resource center as you begin your journey.



The following videos will help you learn some of our most basic movement patterns. If you're NOT already familiar with these exercises, please spend a few minutes learning each movement prior to your first visit. You will find many variations of these within our Pack WORKouts. Our coaches are ALWAYS with you to assist and guide.

Note: For Any movement requiring equipment (sledge or kettlebell), just use a light household object. In learning the movement, the object used is just for prop purposes.



Pack WORKouts are what we call our Small-Group Training Classes

1. We operate on Push, Pull and Whim days. PUSH days are Mondays+Tuesdays and target front body muscle groups. PULL days are Wednesdays+Thursdays and target rear body muscle groups. WHIM days are Fridays+Saturdays and include cardio/mobility driven obstacle course training.

2. Each week we do a 3 part movement series in our workouts called FLOW. Throughout the week we build on the movements (Part 1 on PUSH days, Part 2 on PULL days, Part 3 on WHIM days) so that by Friday/Saturday you have a complete series. FLOW focuses on balance, flexibility, agility and coordination. 

3. Another exciting program we offer is our Adventure Ready series. 4 times a year we do an 8-week series focusing on a different adventure sport. We teach 1 new skill each week incorporating them into our workouts. Each PUSH, PULL, and WHIM day showcases the skill in a different way to help fully equip our members to use these skills in practical application. 

We launched the series in September+October 2016 starting with rock climbing. December and January focus on running, March+April focus on paddle boarding, June+July focus on cycling. The series will repeat each year. 

4. Each week you'll receive a Recovery workout email and we'll post in the Facebook Member's Group. These are natural movement exercises that you can do to help recover from the pack workouts. You can also use these as warm up exercises. We also have the AfterBurn program which you will be able to find written on the board, upstairs at BAREfit. Just in case the pack workout didn't wear you out, try the AfterBurn for that final push.  




Our approach to nutrition is very simple. We recommend whole foods, limited (or no) added sugar, and plant-centered. Primary food groups are: (1) All Vegetables (2) In-Tact Whole Grains (3) Legumes (4) Fruit (5) Nuts & Seeds. Dairy isn't recommended. Meat and eggs are optional, and should be organic and locally sourced if possible.

For busy people, keep it low prep and simple. Have your entire day's food ready the night before. Here are 3 fitness-focused nutrition plans we like to recommend:

Engine 2 Diet (vegan)
The Daniel Fast (vegan)
Whole 30

Feel free to use the info provided and start your own reset today. Email us: rob@barefitlife.com



Get involved with us on social media! We have a Facebook members group (listed below), Facebook business page, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat (barefit_life) and Twitter. 

BAREfit Members Group - We post important announcements and information just for our membersPlus everyone is encouraged to share their pictures and videos of their outdoor adventures, as well as questions for coaches, and anything else you want to post that relates to the #BAREfitLIFE.



Download MindBody To Begin Booking Your Pack WORKout Sessions

We use Mind Body as our software to book sessions. All members must book each workout they plan to attend. We encourage all members to cancel any session they are unable to attend at least 30 minutes in advance. Weekday sessions have a 12 client max, and Saturday's 10:00AM session has a 15 client max.

1. Download
2. Create Login (use email you signed up for BAREfit with, + create your password)
3. Using Search Bar, Go to BAREfit Adventure Training's Page
4. Click The Heart Button @ Top To Favorite The Page
5. Click On Schedules And Book Session
Note: Your Sessions Will Be Released On Your Billing Date Each Month. For The Trailhead, They Will Be Released On The Day Your Program Begins.



Q: How Many Sessions Do I Get During My Month Of Complimentary Training?
A: Unlimited. We encourage you to come in for a Push, Pull, and Whim Day each week. If you want to come more often, we'd encourage you to do both Whim Days (Fri and Sat). We don't recommend more than 1 Push and 1 Pull per week, as muscle groups need to recover.

Q: What Are Membership Terms?
A: During the #Biz21 month, you can cancel @ anytime, without any further payment. Otherwise your membership will continue month-to-month. Your monthly auto-draft Date Will Be The Nearest 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, or 25th to when your trial ends. (Example: trial ends on the 18th... first billing date will be the 20th). Once you're in the regular month-to-month continual, you can cancel @ anytime with a 30-day notice. If you don't wish continue after your 21 days, be sure to cancel before your first regular billing date by emailing us: hello@barefitlife.com

Q: Who Do I Contact For Help With Billing and Customer Service?
A: Simply email us: hello@barefitlife.com

Q: What Workout Clothes and Shoes Should I Wear?
A: Anything comfortable. We recommend minimalist shows. Two of our favorites are Earth Runners and Merrell

Q: Should I Drink A Protein Shake After Workout?
A: That's up to you, but studies show consuming 20-30g of protein right after your workout can lead to better lean muscle gains. We recommend Garden Of Life and Orgain
*note: always talk to your doctor before beginning new supplements

Q: Who Should I Contact If I Feel Uncomfortable With Workouts And/Or Need Extra Help?
A: You can ask general questions to our coaches on the Member's group page. If you need more personalized help just email us @ hello@barefitlife.com and we will match you up with a coach for extra assistance. You can also speak up freely during sessions. We will provide unlimited consultation calls at no cost. Just speak up and we will connect with you. No such thing as a dumb question!

Q: What Should I Do Before I Arrive?
A: Just book your session on MindBody, and come on in!

Q: What Should I Do After I Arrive?
A: On your first few visits, be sure to introduce yourself to the Coach. Let the Coach know you're part of the #Biz21 group, and if you have any specific limitations or needs, so they can be sure you get the safest and most effective workout. You can get to know our Coaching Staff prior to coming in by checking out the Meet Our Team page. Make sure you mark off your visit on our Trailhead Sign-In sheet. After your Trailhead is over, and you move along into month 2 and beyond, you'll no longer need to check off the sign-in sheet. At that point you'll check in our our #BAREfitEdge Board. See Beginner's Guide To BAREfit for info on #BAREfitEdge board. 

Q: What is Sweat Angels?
A: Sweat Angels is an organization based in Lexington, KY. They team with hundreds of fitness companies to benefit a different non-profit each month. Each time you visit BAREfit, simply "check-in" on Facebook using your smart phone. We have a new hashtag from Sweat Angels each month, that correlates with the cause. In the past we've provided coats for kids, breast and prostate cancer awareness, books for kids, and much more. Each check-in provides a contribution to the organization, so check-in every time you train with us!

Q: You mentioned a $20 Facility Improvement Fee. Can You Explain That Again?
A: On the 1st of January & July, all BAREfit members pay a Facility Improvement Fee of $20. The transformation of our 85 year old building (training space) is an ongoing effort. We are constantly adding new obstacles, upgrading, and working to provide the best adaptive, Adventure Training environment possible. Our Bi-Yearly Facility Improvement Fees help up pay for these projects. We will always send out emails and social media reminders prior to the scheduled date.