Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.
— Kevin Trudeau

Meet Our Teachers

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Dylana Nalley & Fern Kaitlin Erhard

Dylana & Fern have been practicing Acroyoga together for four years, and have studied a range of partner acrobatics, therapeutic yoga and community yoga. They are nurturing, kind teachers who focus on integrity of practice, emotional & physical safety of all participants, & sharing movement through clear communication and fun. Their intention is to strengthen community, develop trust and body awareness, and to use our bodies in empowering ways.

Partner Skills, Drills, & AcroYoga
Mon | 5:30PM | 60 Mins

AcroYoga Jam
Thurs | 7:30PM | 120 Mins


Toni Lynette Cristy

Toni is a Chicago native. Her 2,000 mile bicycle tour was reduced to 300 miles by a still ongoing layover in Louisville, Kentucky.

An outpouring of love from the Louisville yoga community, friends, and family encouraged her to not let money be a factor in yoga teacher training. Kentucky Yoga Initiative saw her dedication and awarded her a partial scholarship.

All that love encouraged her to become a community activist and leader. She's now a Power Yoga Teacher graduate, serving multiple community classes, kids classes, chair classes, and private sessions.

Revitalize & Restore
Tues | 12:00PM | 30 Mins

Special emphasis on empowerment, compassion, and transformation. All ages, sizes, and experience levels are welcome to join us in building strength, balance, and flexibility.


Bekah Ryherd

Bekah is a Louisville local. Loves adventuring outdoors, kayaking, and Sunergos Coffee. Favorite style is power flow. One key component of her practice is mindfulness because of the way it lets us live our best lives in the bodies that we have been given.

Vinyasa Flow
Thurs | 6:30PM | 60 Mins

Focus on paring breath with movement. This class uses a whole body flow working on all of different muscle groups to create a deep internal burn that will leave you feeling motivated to tackle the rest of your day.

Vinyasa Power Flow
Sat | 9:00AM | 60 Mins

Saturday morning stretch. Power vinyasa flow focusing on strong movement and linking movement with breath.


Claudia Francois

Claudia's journey with yoga began in 2014 at the University of South Florida. There a passion for yoga was cultivated where the disciplines of the mind and body displayed health benefits. After graduating college, she continued her practice at Bella Prana Studio located in Tampa Florida where she obtained her 200 RYT certification. Her goal for yoga is to achieve and have others achieve an awareness for their body and health. 

Vinyasa Power Hour
Wed | 6:00PM | 60 Mins

Challenge your strength as you move through a standing and balancing series, arm balances, and core streghtening while retaining the focus on movement and breath! See you on the mat.