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Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.
— Kevin Trudeau

Meet Our Teachers


Toni Lynette Cristy

Toni is a Chicago native. Her 2,000 mile bicycle tour was reduced to 300 miles by a still ongoing layover in Louisville, Kentucky.

An outpouring of love from the Louisville yoga community, friends, and family encouraged her to not let money be a factor in yoga teacher training. Kentucky Yoga Initiative saw her dedication and awarded her a partial scholarship.

All that love encouraged her to become a community activist and leader. She's now a Power Yoga Teacher graduate, serving multiple community classes, kids classes, chair classes, and private sessions.

Revitalize & Restore
Tues | 12:00PM | 30 Mins

Special emphasis on empowerment, compassion, and transformation. All ages, sizes, and experience levels are welcome to join us in building strength, balance, and flexibility.


Bekah Ryherd

Bekah is a Louisville local. Loves adventuring outdoors, kayaking, and Sunergos Coffee. Favorite style is power flow. One key component of her practice is mindfulness because of the way it lets us live our best lives in the bodies that we have been given.

Vinyasa Flow
Thurs | 6:30PM | 60 Mins

Focus on paring breath with movement. This class uses a whole body flow working on all of different muscle groups to create a deep internal burn that will leave you feeling motivated to tackle the rest of your day.


Betsy Durham

Betsy Durham 200 RYT, has been teaching Hatha Yoga since 2016. She completed her training at Supreme Peace Yoga and Wellness in Louisville, KY. She was drawn to Yoga because of the physical practice, which was recommended to her by her Chiropractor to help alleviate her chronic neck and back pain. Instead of trying out a few classes she chose to jump right in and become a teacher. 

“I knew this was something I wanted in my life every day, I also knew I wanted to teach others how to heal and take care of their bodies. I did take a big risk jumping right into a teacher training with only a handful of yoga classes prior to it, but I am so glad I did!”

Betsy grew up on a small farm in Buffalo, KY where she spent many years connecting with animals and nature. This grew into a love for outdoor adventure that fuels her fire for personal and communal growth. She loves finding creative ways to connect people to themselves, through yoga as well as to the world around them. She has a wide variety of classes that she offers in the community like Hatha, restorative, and cat and goat yoga!

Revitalize & Restore
Thurs | 12:00PM | 30 Mins

Beginners can feel comfortable knowing they'll receive a detailed breakdown of the Vinyasa and seasoned yogi's can refine their skills and maybe even learn something new. 


Lexi Wermers

Lexi is a student, lover of health, and Louisville native. She enjoys spreading her own knowledge of nutrition, hiking, meditation, and yoga practices while learning more from others. She began her yoga and meditation journey in the fall of 2016 and became a 200 RYT in the spring of 2019 at Yoga Baum Yoga School in Louisville, KY. Lexi encourages participants to explore their experience during her creative and intentional vinyasa flow yoga classes. She offers other styles of classes including mediation, yoga for beginners, private classes, gentle flow, and yin/restorative yoga. Her flexibility extends past her physicality; she is prepared to teach people of all backgrounds, ages, and levels of experience

Vinyasa Flow
Wed | 6:30PM | 60 Mins

Resembling an arch: breath is linked with movements that slowly increase in intensity to reach a peak of an elevated heart rate and engagement of all different muscle groups. Movements then slowly lower the heart rate and relax the muscles once again to transform and energize participants.


Mallory Niemer

Mallory is currently completing her RYT-200 hour training at Supreme Peace Yoga and Wellness here in Louisville, KY. Mallory also works as a mental-health therapist at a local non-profit with children in the foster care system. Mallory seeks to utilize a mental heath approach to yoga teaching and offer a safe space for all levels, abilities, and identities. 

Vinyasa Flow
Tues | 6:30PM | 60 Mins

Vinyasa flow focused on combining breath and movement to help people feel empowered and more at home in their bodies. 


Hannah Brooks

Hannah began her yoga journey a few years ago during a difficult season. She started practicing at a local climbing gym seeking some relief from anxiety and some extra movement. Come to find out, yoga was that, and so much more. For Hanna, yoga has been a catalyst to immeasurable healing and growth. This is why she is so passionate about sharing yoga with the community. There is something about connection to movement with breath that creates a space for stillness of the mind. Creating that space to be present and to let go of the past and stop worrying about the future, even for just an hour, allows us to remember who we are and step in to our highest potential.

Strong Vinyasa Flow
Sat | 9:00AM | 60 Mins

With a focus on empowerment and connection to self.