Welcome to your new favorite workout.

At BAREFIT Adventure Training, we wholeheartedly embrace the philosophy that a life spent exploring the great outdoors leads to a life of true vitality!

We firmly believe that it's amid the rugged, unspoiled, and natural landscapes that we discover our inner strength and authentic selves.

Our mission is to ignite an enduring passion for outdoor adventure and mobility-based fitness, accessible to everyone.

Since our inception, we've proudly served as your local hub for outdoor enthusiasts, dedicated to enabling you to embrace the exhilarating potential of nature's playground.

We provide action packed, super fun group workouts, expert guidance, individualized personal training, captivating narratives of outdoor living, and opportunities to build community with fellow Louisville adventurers.

Our commitment to the community means that with each engagement at BAREFIT, you actively contribute to preserving the environment and advocating for a life well-lived in the open air.

So whether you’re new to the outdoors or the gorge is your second home, we'd love to introduce you to the #BAREFITLIFE! 

When you step into our space, you'll find that every BAREFIT SESSION is a new adventure - designed to keep you motivated, sweating, learning, improving, and having a blast Week after week.

To make things even more fun, we deploy a variety of re-purposed and non-traditional equipment that create a "real-life" aspect to strength training. 

The natural world isn't full of ergonomic grips and equally balanced weight, so why train that way?

Each of our members has an individualized program, designed to meet them where they are - and motivate them to continue toward their goals - with consistency, sustainability, & most important - accountability! 

You’ll be greeted with a smile and a high five, and treated to a fitness experience that will leave you anticipating your next visit!

Every single time.

If you love outdoor adventure, and you're not a big fan of traditional gyms - or just want a fresh and exciting approach to fitness, You ARE OFFICIALLY INVITED TO JOIN US!