Adventure training




Push Days (Monday & Tues)

Strength & conditioning to target front body muscle groups such as shoulders, chest, abs and quads


Pull Days (Wednesday & Thursday)

Strength & conditioning to target rear body muscle groups such as upper back, lower back, hamstrings, calves. 

Whim Days (Friday & Saturday)

Obstacle course workouts for cardio conditioning & mobility.

Each Member Has Access To A Push Day, Pull Day, & Whim Day each week.
This leads to a complete program & incredible results!

BAREfit coaches are always busy creating totally unique, action-packed workouts for our members.
All workouts are high-intensity, station-based, and filled with creative, natural movement challenges.

We end our pack workouts with our FLOW; a series of movements that progress through the week.
These movements are meant to help with flexibility, balance and functionality. 



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