Meet Our Team

Rob Bratcher


I grew up in the Highlands, came of age in the mid-90's, and fell in love with legendary Louisville indie spots like The Great Escape, Ear X Tacy, Better Days Records, and all the other weird, local haunts at a young age. 

After sorting boxes at UPS, and pouring beers at Cumberland Brews for a few years, I got into corporate health club management for the next 6 years.

By the time I turned 30, I was fed up with the commercial fitness industry, and wanted to create an independent fitness community that would appeal to folks who don't like normal gyms.

Not long into my new project, I met our co-founder, Curtis Hall. His desire to create a training company specifically geared toward outdoors and natural movement aligned with my vision.

A decade later here we are... I still seek to learn and grow daily in the areas of holistic fitness, nutrition, gut health, and all the other fun topics we cover with our clients. The work of helping others become their healthiest and most adventurous self is a true labor of love for me. 

In my personal life, I'm an Orthodox Christian, husband and father, son, and grandson. I enjoy hiking with my family, reading, basketball, thrift store rummaging, and collecting vintage media (VHS, retro games, vinyl, cassettes). 

Curtis Hall
Head Creative Force


I received a Bachelors in Exercise Science and Community Health from the University of Louisville in 2008. I was certified with the NSCA, CSCS in 2009.

From my humble beginnings at the Y, to building/managing training programs in small gyms, to helping create and grow BAREfit beginning in 2012.

In addition to my fitness background, I've led outdoor adventure and team building programs, and built everything from bikes to work trucks to houses.

After seeing the ineffectiveness of "hamster wheel fitness," my desire was to create a program combining the community and personal growth of team building, the challenge & functionality of adventure sports, and the tactical edge of "do it yourself" minimalist culture.



Thus BAREfit's training methodology was born with the goal of empowering people to ditch the machine workouts and "Make The World Their Playground."

When I'm not bomb-proofing bodies and crafting new exercises at BAREfit, I'm usually exploring trails, mountains, rivers and backroads near and far via foot, bike, paddle or rope, whatever the adventure calls for.

This is usually followed by a locally brewed strong drink (preferably bourbon barrel aged stout) with good friends. 

Dana Bratcher


Olivia Hendry
Performance Coach

Born and raised Florida girl relocated to Louisville; My love for health and fitness began when I was 14. Being homeschooled, my 'PE' was hitting the gym, and as my love for fitness grew I started CrossFit. I fell in love with resistance training, but my new obsession inevitably resulted in me injuring my hip. After my injury my journey towards mobility, strength and true health really began! Now I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and love showing people how to move.

Madison Browning
MVMT Coach

I’m a Kentucky native and Louisville local for the last 13 or so years. My passion for fitness started at young age (running away from home or on the cross country team). As a runner for the majority of my life I’ve always gravitated toward an endurance crowd.

I received my B.S. in Human Health Performance with a track in Exercise Science from the University of Louisville. Throughout my time in undergrad, I owned and operated a local race timing company where we produced 5ks, trail marathons, ultras, cross country and track and field meets across the state/country. After five and a half years in the running industry behind the scenes, I took a step back to perform as an athlete in marathons, half marathons, and triathlons.

The transition to an athlete and trainer happened in the winter of 2021. I began in a group fitness instructing environment with a local gym where we also performed proactive metabolic panels and assessed individual’s health/fitness goals.

In 2022 I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I intend on continuing my education inside a traditional classroom environment and outside in the world.

I’m not solely a coach, I’m the support crew, a fan along the course or at the finish line, and a friend that keeps you moving.

I strive to instill confidence in individuals and athletes reducing their risk of injury in day to day lives by strengthening their bodies. I’m passionate about staying active. Participating in sports that challenge myself: climbing, cycling, mountain biking, running, and competing in triathlons have aided in my own mental base for support and has inspired me to inspire others.

I’m excited to join the BAREfit team and learn a few things that this community has to offer!

Erin Savastio
Substitute MVMT Coach


I am a Louisville native and also a University of Louisville graduate. I have always loved being outdoors and being active. In the past couple of years that love of being active and desire to always be moving has narrowed into a real interest in working out. I have been involved in kickboxing for almost three years now. I am also a big fan of American Ninja Warrior and that has led me to wanting to work on upper body and obstacle course training!

My interest in becoming a personal trainer started about two years ago when I began to realize that it might be a good way for me to connect my love for fitness and my love for being able to help and encourage people.


My other interests, include working with kids and especially the special needs community. I love the ocean and all things water. Also my family, church, reading, coffee, food, travel and theatre. I am very thankful for the BAREfit family and this great opportunity to start my fitness career here!

Any questions?