At BAREFIT, we are reimagining currency. By turning no one away regardless of ability to pay, we’ve deconstructed the idea that money is the only form of currency one has to offer. 

We believe it’s all about positive energy, relationships, and volunteerism. Our members who can pay our fixed rates do so, and by doing so they're "paying-it-forward" to support access for those who can’t, and everyone can get involved! 

Our fixed membership rates are based on about 5% of your bring home income. We find that most people are super comfortable with that level of investment. 

For those who for whatever reason, aren't comfortable with our income-based fixed rates, we offer energy and skill exchange and volunteer hours as currency to help "pay the way" for training - making us the only training company in Louisville that turns nobody away! 

As we create a low barrier to enter, and provide access for all, we rely on our generous members and to fulfill our mission. 

Our hope continues to be that when everyone cooperates together in good faith, there's a way for everyone to enjoy the benefits of fun, life-changing training programs! 

All members or guests who enter the facility must complete a waiver. All waivers for minors must be completed by their parent or legal guardian. For faster service, please complete your waiver online prior to your first visit.

Volunteer & Energy Exchange Options

Many people come to train with us because they hear about our volunteer work and energy exchange. If you're interested in joining our volunteer team, or you have a specific skill (social media, cleaning, graphic design, video work, handing out flyers or working at our marketing events), these skills and community support can be credited toward membership, or to pay it forward for others. If you're interested, click here to get started.

In an effort to make everything as easy as possible we offer your first 10 days of training totally free. We're in an era where most smaller gyms charge a lot for intro programs, due to the increasing expenses and challenges of operating a small business. Though we experience those same challenges, we've chosen to make our "getting started" process simple for you - in our continuous effort to make training accessible. To be fully transparent, we do ask for a suggested $20 donation to help cover our admin costs during your 10 day trial, but it's completely optional.

Click below to get started with us for your 10 day trial! 

Get ahead of the game and fill the waiver out now!